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I specialize in natural lighting photography…there’s just a special warmth to it. I love photographing ordinary events in a unique way. Such an adventure!

What do you say? Shall we jazz things up a bit? :)

Sunday, June 06, 2010

::Just Beachy - Lindsey and Dave::

Soooooo, back in December, yes December, I had a "photo-shoot give away."
And a few weeks ago I was finally able to meet up with the winners of that Christmas give away!
*wild applause*

Lindsey and Dave are engaged and were amazing fun to work with!  The beachy setting was great!
WOW!  You know, I've never done a shoot that was so relaxing, and yet scary at the same time.  o.O
Relaxing because it was the beach...what's not to like?  :)
Scary mostly when I was in the water with my camera as a wave came crashing in on me, almost to my hips.
Eeeek!!  *gasp*

However, my beloved camera and I lived to shoot another day.
The whole session?  Well worth all the close calls!  :)


::2:: Spinning...











::13:: Love birds.  :)


::15:: What a coincidence!!  Dave is named Dave too!
(We couldn't resist snapping a picture with this pillar. ;)







::22:: I really LOVED shooting under the pier.  The architecture was so visually interesting!






::28:: Dave was so gentle with her.  :)

I left with the sense that their wedding next year...yeah, it's gonna rock!!  Amazing couple.

After hugs and handshakes, I trudged back to the car...weighing about two pounds more after all that sand was packed into my rolled up jean cuffs...awesome.  :)
Venti Caramel Frappe, anyone?
Yeeeeeeees.  :)

Thanks so much Lindsey and Dave!  I can hardly WAIT to do your beach wedding in March.  Man, it's coming up fast!  *EXCITED*
God bless, more and more,
~Anna Grace


Olivia Christine said...

I LOVE these! :D Great job, again... Love ya! :D

Anonymous said...

Beautiful as always, Anna! You are amazing. And I'm the first one to leave a comment!
Kelsey R.

Lauren Brittany {A Corner Pillar} said...

Lovely photos, Anna! I love the artistic angles and the lighting changes. :)

It made me laugh when you mentioned the Venti Caramel Frappe because I just had one yesterday! haha Starbucks doesn't get any better.


Shannon said...

Very lovely pictures Anna, you have a wonderful gift of photography. I love your angles, and creativity as well.

Your Sister In Christ,

Anonymous said...

You never fail to amaze me with your perspective, Anna, my dear!!!

I love the pictures...I am especially thankful to the Lord for the way He helped construct the "lovebirds' picture!!! WoW!!

Congratulations, Lindsey and Dave!!

Jean Marie said...

I don't know what else to say .... except...OhMYGOODNESSGRACIOUSME this is THE MOST AMAZING SHOOT YOU HAVE EVER DONE.


and.....that 4th picture? *drum roll please* the best picture you have ever shot in your life. SEriously!!! ohmyWORD.

YOU. are amazing. And these are my new favorite pictures...how BEAUTIFUL are they? sheesh.

AND THAT JUMPING, lift picture? be STILL my fainting heart. I want.

SO sweet. GREAT composition. AMAZING rust. GORGEOUS ring. sweet light. great images. If I was them, I'd be running around screaming in joy.

It's like something straight out of a love song music video. And I love it.

GREAT job, Anna Grace Photography!!!

Laura said...

Many stunning elements in these shots ~

....beloved's feet
walking in the same direction
awash in celadon, fuschia, indigo~

That one, I would mat & frame in driftwood.

All too lovely,
Miss Tall Photog Lady!

{{* *}}

Lindsey and Dave said...

Anna these are soooo wonderful! Puts a smile on my face! Thank you soooo much, I am so thankful for your kindness. God bless you, I can't wait for our wedding. Awesome, Awesome pictures!

Anonymous said...

really, really beautiful photos Anna! and a beautiful couple as well :)

Diane said...

Absolutely amazing !!
Enough to bring tears to my eyes. Anna, you did a totally awesome job with the pictures. Love 'em !!!
Take lots o' care.

Emily Elizabeth said...

Ok, officially my most favorite shoot you've ever done. Seriously.
My favorite is the second to last. What a sweet tender moment you caught... I love it. Oh and that little bit of sun flare... *squeal*

Lovely job dear. Congratulations and blessings to Lindsey and Dave!!


Katie said...

Uh, I just quote Jean's praise. I mean, there's nothing else to say after that package of dynamite! Word for word. That is the best description I have ever heard for Anna's amazing art! You go, Jeanie!!

Rachel Hipps said...

Hi Anna Grace!
My name is Rachel. I found your blog From Imagine. I just wanted to say that your photoghrapy skills are AMAZING! I loved looking at them, and blush, I am following your blog. :)