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I specialize in natural lighting photography…there’s just a special warmth to it. I love photographing ordinary events in a unique way. Such an adventure!

What do you say? Shall we jazz things up a bit? :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

::And the Winner Is::

There was an amazing response to the Header Vote in my last post! Well done everyone. I was very honored by your input and greatly look forward to redesigning my blog layout around the most popular header choice.
***I am sorry to those of you whose favorite didn't pull through, but I pray this was a fun experience anyhow. :)
***The winning header may still be subject to editing changes.

Here are the stats:
There were 31 comments here on the blog...
And a bunch of votes from my facebook advertising account.
***Most of the commenters voted for at least two headers.

In 6th place with 4 votes...

Happiest of all days.

In 5th place with 7 votes...

Weather worn.

In 4th place with 8 votes...

"Toadally" a joke header. :)

In 3rd place with 11 votes...

The original header.

In 2nd place with 12 votes...

Old house charm.

And the winner, with 14 votes, is.................

Autumn Sun.
This one barely squeaked accross the finish line, winning by only two votes! :)

Again, thank you all for taking part in this. It wouldn't have been nearly as much fun without your input.
The new layout should be up when life permits...fairly soon! :)

~Anna Grace

Friday, July 10, 2009

::May the Best Header Win::

Hello Readers,
I've decided to do something interactive...to see how many of you are out there. :) I need your help with a task.
You are eligible to participate whether you've been watching my blog from day one...or just found your way here.

I have posted 6 choices for a possible header on this blog. I need you to view them carefully and leave a comment as to which one (or two :) you would like best to see. In two weeks (July 25th) I will tally the votes and begin plans to redesign my blog around that final choice. So make sure you get your two-cents in! :)

***Try to look past the fuzziness. That's what happened when I re-sized them to fit in the blog. :)

1) As you can see, the original header is still in the running. :)

2) Old house charm.

3) Happiest of all days.

4) Weather worn.

5) Autumn Sun.

6) This is "toadally" a joke header choice. :)
***Don't actually vote for this one...unless you really want to, I guess. :P

Looking forward to the results with great anticipation!
Remember, please leave a comment in order for your opinion to count!

May the best header win!

~Anna Grace :)